As it is possible to understand from its name, the main feature is a perfect coplanarity ‘at millimeter’, since it brings the door panel closer to the trims, giving the idea of continuity. Another feature of the Planar door is the coplanarity of the opening side ‘pushing’, instead of ‘pulling’. A new and interesting product that directs TREP+ to an even more technical functionality and innovative aesthetic look.


Internal door coplanar on the pushing side with trims to be installed on a wooden subframe. Plain panel, hollow core, thickness 46 mm . opening by turning on a vertical axis, veneered or lacquered. 3 axis adjustable concealed hinges; lock 50 mm backset, magnetic wc lock (key or cylinder on demand).

Available finishes

Matt Polyurethane Lacquer: our range of colours and Ral colours

Planar Scultura

The new processing Scultura is available for Planar model as well. It is a coplanar pushing door and its sculptured manufacture emphasizes the substance of the wood, even more elegant in white or coloured lacquer.

Available finishes

Scultura Lacquer: colours as per our range

Planar Wood Scultura

Scultura is available in Wood finish too. Planar can easily match with the new processing Scultura thanks to the perfect coplanarity ‘at milimeter’. It is available in Scultura Canaletto Walnut and Scultura Grey Oak finishes. As a modern painting, it is even more elegant without a frame.

Available finishes

Scultura Wood: Grey Oak, Canaletto Walnut

Planar Lak

The new ‘Lak’ version integrates the Planar collection. 
‘Lak’ is a shiny innovative lacquer for an audience more and more careful in buying correct price-quality ratio products. The brightness of the door panel results from the selected unique production process and materials. ‘Lak’ is available exclusively in shiny White Più lacquered coplanar door panel and matt White Più lacquered frame.

Available finishes

Glossy Lacquer Lak: colours as per our range