Planus Uno

Planus, the natural extension of Pavilion system, is an independent self-standing programme of hinged doors, well integrated to the wall.

Planus Uno, thanks to the combination of telescopic frame and aluminum trims this model can be easily installed on the traditional wooden subframe without masonry.

Its richness depends on the wide range of materials and finishes, which stand out, hide and disappear. The wide range of materials and finishes comply with every taste, while always offering a fine and elegant image.

The above mentioned coating system is part of Pavilion, Planus, Pavilion+Planus and Continuum program. All together they represent the results of Architect Antonio Citterio creativity and are characterized by strong personality, essential design, technological materials and solutions.

All products design Antonio Citterio can be combined together, offering a wide range of technical and aesthetically solutions.


Swing door thickness 42 mm., solid plain panel or glass panel, with aluminum profiles and 6 mm. tempered or laminated safety glass, jamb with squared section. Aluminum frame extending from 85 to 125 mm, aluminum trims, plastic gasket, patented hinges and mechanical lock arranged for privacy thumbturn, handle only or cylinder with key.

Available panel finishes

Matt Polyurethane Lacquer: our range of colours and Ral colours
Glossy Polyester Lacquer: our range of colours and Ral colours
Scultura Wood: our range of finish
Wood: our range of finish
Fossil Wood: our range of finish
Laminati: our range of finish
Glass: our range of finish
Leather: our range of finish

Available panel frame

Frame: Natural Anodized Aluminium
Trim: Natural Anodized Aluminium, White Lacquered, Black Lacquered