TRE-D Libro

TRE-D Libro is the door to fit every space, the right solution for those who want a door with distinctive personality. The design and production processes ensure the door to be suitable for every demand, preserving the spirit of the brand ‘to think it simple’.

The TRE-D Libro folding door allows to recover space without changes to the wall. It is aesthetically original thanks to the vertically aligned wings. This folding door has a unique structural and functional design that makes it perfect to save space. It features aligned panels to give the best aesthetic solution.


Internal door with folding opening, composed by two symmetrical or asymmetrical panels, complete with trims and frame, to be installed on wooden subframe (not included).
TIMBER PANEL thickness mm 44, with hollow core.

External trim mm 90 wide and coplanar with the frame, adjustable wing to fit to the wall in the best way. Internal trim mm 70 wide and coplanar with the frame. Magnetic special lock and special hinges.

Available finishes

TRE-D Laminate: our range of finish