TRE-D Plus

TRE-D Plus is the perfect solution for customers looking for a door with timeless design. The panel coplanar with the trims, the concealed hinges, the magnetic lock and the innovative finishes are just some of the features that make Plus a unique door. The design enhance every atmosphere, and the materials, selected from the best suppliers, guarantee a very high-level quality.


Internal hinged door with frame and trims to be installed on wooden subframe (not included).

TIMBER PANEL with honey-comb inside, thickness mm 44, to be opened by turning on vertical axis.

TUTTOVETRO PANEL thickness 44 mm, full side vertical bands, to be opened by turning on vertical axis, transparent glass thickness mm 8 included.

External trim mm 90 wide and coplanar with the frame, adjustable wing to fit to the wall in the best way. Internal trim mm 70 wide and coplanar with the frame. Magnetic key lock depth mm 50, key included. Concealed hinges adjustable on three axis (nr. 2 hinges for each door).

Available finishes

TRE-D Laminate: our range of finish