“The gate of ideas can be opened with the inspiration”

We believe in our designers. Our history is written in their projects. TREP+ turns ideas into solutions according to the tradition of the past while applying the latest tailor-made technology.

“Design without content is a mare decoration”

Each project is the result of a carful research in order to deliver a product where functionality and aesthetic merges achieving a formal balance that leave no space for the superfluous.

“Human relationships”

We believe in the balance between human and productive values which are at the base of our company culture. The industrial workshop is a hub where technique and traditions merges into a unique and intimate environment.

“The Italian heritage is part of our culture and the Brianza area plays an essential role with its own tradition of the excellence”

Brianza is a geographical area of Italy, at the foot of the Alps, in the North-West of Lombardy, between Milan and Lake Como. The excellence and the history of design are deeply rooted in this area since more than 100 years. We are deeply bound to the culture of the territory that links to the art of the know-how. Our roots are our present.

“The earth is fo all of us”

We deeply care about the protection of our plant and for this reason we are committed to respect the nature and to put in place sustainable economy practices.

“The value of the materials”

We believe that the materials can express their own essence starting from their raw stage. The materials embodies the authenticity and character traits that belong to the design culture.