Making Extraordinary’ is the leitmotiv of TREP+, leader company in the production of interior design doors since its founding. Its history has been written by prestigious national and international designers, each one of them represents an important mark in innovation, beauty, technology, interpretation of present times and research of new materials.

The history of TREP+ boasts the primacy of prestigious awards for the interior doors, that furtherly highlights the top quality of the products. The collaboration with famous designers, each one of them with distinctive style, gives to TREP+ the possibility to offer a wide range of products with different flair. The most famous doors are “REVER” design Cini Boeri, “MILANO” design Luca Scacchetti, “CONVEX” design F.A. Porsche, “PAVILION-PLANUS-CONTINUUM” design Antonio Citterio, “Idea” design Daniel Libeskind.

The above mentioned architects do not represent just a product, but the style and the culture of dynamic present times: from modern to contemporary, from romantic to technological, meanwhile being careful of the details to provide the best functional and quality solution. ‘Making Extraordinary’ is the result of the synergy between company and designers, but also constant research and coexistence between rationality and emotions, to assure the company philosophy ‘100% Made in Italy’.