Carbon Core 2.8

Unique and highly innovative, CARBON CORE 2.8, the first door with a carbon core, was born from the research and synergy between Architect Luca De Nova and TREP+.

A project lasting almost two years, and which culminated in what can be considered a true furnishing element that is the perfect synthesis of aesthetics, technology and design.

The visual impact is immediate.
 The honeycomb carbon core is hidden between two glass panels, allowing the light to filter through and create refined shadow designs.

In addition, CC2.8 is the finest and most compact door ever. While it is only 28 mm thick, the panel guarantees stability, strength, and lightweight thanks to the carbon core, a high-performance material, particularly known for its use in the automotive sports industry.

Today, thanks to the research and ‘know-how’ of TREP+ and the design of De Nova, these designs create a unique and architecturally captivating furnishing element that makes Carbon Core 2.8 very attractive to designers and the public as a way to furnish any environment with personality.


Internal hinged door, flush with the wall pulling side, with raw steel frame to be walled in, jamb with squared section in matte lacquered aluminum. Door with a thickness of 28 mm., can be opened with a rotary movement on a vertical axis and a square section stop with an interior in carbon panel and a double tempered glass 4 mm. Invisible hinges, dedicated magnetic lock. Handle excluded.

Available panel finishes

Glass: Transparent Ultra Light, Transparent Smoke Grey

Available panel frame

Profile: black matt laquered, RAL laquered