Lacunaria collection

The new LACUNARIA COLLECTION is a combination of vertical and horizontal bars, inspired by the typical ceilings of the Milanese luxury buildings of 16th century can satisfy with elegance the requirements of a demanding clientele.

Pavilion LACUNARIA is characterized by a system of panels and sliding doors, it is a perfect solution to plan and organize the space with elegance. Pavilion Light is the solution to organize spaces without walls and completely transforms the traditional concept of the door, creating a complete system of partitions realized with light and technological materials.

Planus Uno, Due, Tre, Quattro, LACUNARIA is the extension of Pavilion system. It is a collection of hinged doors flush with the wall, available in a wide range of materials and finishes.

Planus sei LACUNARIA is the first swing door brand TREP+ with pivoting opening system. The wide range of materials and finishes makes this model a great furnishing solution to add value to the environment, meeting the most demanding, aesthetical and technological requests.


Vertical and horizontal crosspieces 16 mm thick applied frontally on both surfaces of the glass panel.

Available panel finishes

Glass: our range of finish

Available bar profile finish

Profile: our range of finish